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Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment

As we approach chilly mornings and windy nights, we have to turn our attention to our lips. Yes, your lips do matter and they need the attention your face gets too!

Don’t you hate those fine lines you get after licking your lips too often? Allow this to happen too often and your lips begin to age. ARBONNE Intelligence Lip Treatment is a formula with Phytinol, which is supposed to soften the appearance of fine lines. The treatment is also supposed to add volume to the lips and act as a primer.

I’ve used the treatment for close to 3 weeks now. In the mornings and at night, I dab a small amount on my lips and then apply my lip gloss or lipstick. The texture is very light and non-greasy as a primer, but it tastes HORRIBLE! I figure this stops users from licking their lips, which takes away moisture. Problem solved.

This product works fast. My lips don’t feel rough or chappy-hand and I don’t need to re-apply gloss every 40 minutes. As for for lip plumpiness, I can’t speak to that, since I’ve always had plump lips. What I can speak to is my lips have lost those pesky lines and my lips keep the moisture locked in, so I think it’s worth the time to give this lip treatment a try.

Cost $46.00 cdn
Ingredients: Alfalfa, Chicory, Ginger, Cocoa, Raspberry, cloudberry extract

Vegan & Gluten Free


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