I Wanna Fly Away: Aerial Fitness @ Brass Vixens

Gone are the days of working out to videos and dvds. Its a known fact that if people get bored with their work out, they won’t stay committed and eventually, they will join the large group of people who don’t workout. Brass Vixens: Pole Dancing & Fitness Studio, offers alternative, fun and adventurous ways for women to stay fit and feel entertained. Telly and I visited the facility, located at 721 Queen Street West, Toronto to take in the fitness craze known as Aerial Fitness.

Aerial Fitness is practiced by Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and many other fitness lovers as an alternative to the usual fitness routine. The workout involves Pilates, inversions and yoga to give your body a complete workout using a hammock/sling suspended from the ceiling. This was our first time trying this form of fitness and we had no idea what to expect. We were set in long pants and socks (great for traction against the sling) and the class was full of happy ladies, excited to fly!

If you have a bad back, or you need a great stretch throughout, this is the work out for you. Having chronic back pain myself, I feared for the worst, but the work out totally opened up my stiff back and strengthened my core! The uplifting atmosphere makes you feel confident and un-afraid of looking ridiculous. We would totally do this workout again as its never boring and very interesting. Check out images we snapped while enjoying our Aerial workout.

Thank you to all the lovely Ladies at Brass Vixens! We had such a fun time.

Written By Carcia Campbell

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By Carcia & Telly

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