Lips: The Dark & The Sultry! By Beauty Insider Victoria!

This Season its all about the Dark and Sultry lips, similar to actress Kate Bosworth above. Here are a few tips to help keep your pout looking it’s very best.

Step 1:

Begin by Exfoliating your lips. Just like your skin, lips need regular exfoliation to rid off any dead skin cells and create a smooth canvas. You can make your own scrub with a bit of brown sugar and honey or purchase one such as The Body Shop’s Lip Scuff (below).

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Step 2:

Hydrate. Always keep a lip balm handy to keep lips smooth and moist. It’s a good idea to apply this at the beginning of your makeup application so it has time to set in before the lipstick is applied like Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment (below).

Step 3:

To keep the true color of your lipstick; Dab a light base of your foundation concealer onto your lips to block our their natural color. This creates a blank canvas and also acts as a great base for extended wear.

Step 4:

With darker shades your best bet is to apply a lip liner to keep your application precise and avoid any color from feathering out from the lip line. Start in small strokes working from the centre of your cupid’s bow outwards. If your switching your shades a lot opt for a clear or nude liner that works universally with each shade.

Step 5:

For extra staying power, begin by dabbing your favorite hue onto your lips with your middle finger. Follow the application applying the rest of the color over top with a lip brush for flawless finish.

Step 6:

I’m really loving the look of matte lips this year. Remember that the drier the lipstick, the longer the wear. With this in mind (and to make sure your lips don’t look too flat and lifeless) apply a bit of clear gloss to the center of your lower lip and gently press together. This trick also gives the illusion of fuller lips!

Current Shade Obsessions

NARS – Scarlett Empress

MUFE – Aqua Rouge – Dark Rasberry

MAC – Media

NARS – Amsterdam

NARS Larger then Life Gloss – Rouge Tribal

 And there you have it! Your sassy Dark & Sultry look. Don’t forget to send BEAUTY Questions my way! Leave a comment with some tips too! We all love to hear from you guys 🙂

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By Beauty Insider, Victoria Fedosoff
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