mirror on the wall: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

The beauty of fashion is CHANGE! Sure everyone has their fashion staple, but fashion isn’t fun if it always remains the same. Not everyone enjoys change of course, but its only natural to want it when you’ve done the same thing for so long. Like many fashion icons before her, Rihanna has had her share of fashion changes. From long flowing locks, to cute bobs, then shaved sides and pixie cuts to long curly, sometimes afro bright red hair.
YES, you wonder what else Rihanna could possibly do to shock us…how about this?
A natural shade of dark brown, shoulder-length hair!
That’s right! Rihanna was out and about as a brunette while shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills on Thursday. She looked great to us, she looked like the young Rihanna Jay-Z introduced to us Canadians on MuchMusic not too many years ago.
SO what do you think? Are you all about the bright-cartoon red, or do you rather the natural brunette look?
Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic: WENN.com