mirror on the wall: Scented Nail Polish???

These days every thing needs to be multi-purpose. Your mobile must play music, keep a calender like a receptionist, and keep up with your social networking. Remember when the mobile was used for actual phone calls?
The same concept now fully applies to the beauty industry.
Like body mist wasn’t enough, we can now count on our nail polish for sweet scents. Gone are the days of medicine cabinet smelling nail polish! Large beauty brands like Revlon, are now introducing scented nail polish to their customers. This sweet fruity scent, will last for a day or two after application. At $5.99 a piece, Revlon presents 8 shades of sweet!

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Beach (acid green), Ocean Breeze (metallic turquoise), Peach Smoothie (peach shimmer), Watermelon Fizz (sparkly red), Gum Drop (lilac), Grape Icy (Grape Purple), Cotton Candy (baby pink) and Bubble Gum (fuchsia)
Other brands such as Strangebeautiful, offer a clear, violet scented polish at $28 and Matesse Elite presents Happy Hour, a line of cocktail- scent inspired polishes at 5.99 each. Find all the above at your fav nail salon or drugstore!