New Beauty With Lise Watier!

We were very lucky to be blessed with lush, puffy, thick lips. More than ever, Telly and I are basking in the fact that we don’t need expensive lip injections. We’re totally embracing color on the lips making them even more Loud & Proud. Recently, we were given LISE WATIER‘s Haute Couleur Full Coverage Lip Lacquer which promises absolute comfort, moisture and long wear. I wanted the REAL DEAL red, so I chose Rouge Catwalk, and Telly took the shade Signature! Our favorite feature is the integrated light & mirror on the gloss. Great for check-ups while sitting in a dark space, like a fashion show, club, car etc. We’ve been testing the lip lacquer for a few days now and we LOVE it. The gloss stays pretty true to color after drinking from glasses or coffee cups and it’s not too sticky and uncomfortable to wear. What girl doesn’t enjoy getting Moisture & true color together in a lip lacquer?

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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