On a Cold Winter’s Night | Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

On a cold night of -8 (yes, minus 8, below 0) you think about all the tropical islands you could be visiting, but when you live in a diverse city like Toronto, you can find an experience that fits your tropical island dreams! Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen, the Caribbean restaurant, has set the standard for what an island experience means, even when you arrive in your parka and snow boots.

Coleslaw, Pepper Shrimp, Oxtail and Greens

The word has gotten around. Chubby’s has taken Jamaica’s traditional street food menu to create a sit-down dining experience in an adorable house at Portland and Adelaide. Servers dressed in summer, care-free fashions look like they work for the local island eatery. Green plants line the walls and wicker furniture adds the finishing touch. If you love Jamaica’s regional dialect Patois as much as we do, you will love the cheeky menu with dishes like, Likkle Jamaican Patties, Stush, Rude Bwoy. I could go on.


We were a party of 6 and seated on the upper level of the establishment. We requested a table in a brighter part of the floor and we were moved promptly once it was confirmed that there was a reservation cancellation. I haven’t had a drink in weeks, but considering it was my lovely friend’s birthday, I decided to have a special drink. In classic tropical fashion, I ordered a Rum Punch. If you like your drinks cool and strong, this is the place for you! This place is great for large parties and perfect for sharing. Each dish, for the most part, is served in bowls. The appetizers were just as delicious as the mains. See images below for what we ate through the night.


Would we go to this restaurant again? Yes. Mind you, for the community who eats Caribbean food often, the price for meals is significantly more expensive at Chubby’s, but you have to take the service and experience in account, so I would save Chubby’s for special occasions and celebrations. Eating at an amazing restaurant we don’t know about? Tell us about it!

Chubby's Caribbean Kitchen

Coleslaw, Curry Goat, Rice

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