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skin care, Refresh Botanicals, moisturizer, foaming cleanser, toner, beauty products
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Lately, skin care has become one of my priorities over every fashion piece and accessory. Great skin means less makeup, youth and confidence. Once I received Refresh Botanicals skin care products I started using it religiously. I would use the makeup remover, facial cleanser, facial toner and moisturizer. The pumps to dispense the product are great! Especially the Toner bottle where you press the cotton ball down for easy use. After using the product for a few months successfully, I broke out and stopped using the moisturizer. Unfortunately, the moisturizer and my skin no longer worked together, but I still use the toner and makeup remover. Overall, I like the product. The bottles are large by beauty standards so you get your money’s worth in product.


Healthy glowing skin is a girl’s dream, so, we are all in search of a good product that can help achieve that. After I received the Refresh Botanicals products, I began to use them right away. The first night I used it, I had a small break out, but by the second day, the product began to work wonderfully for me. I love how the products contain all natural products. I also like the minimal packaging. The products here will last for a while too.  We got the products over the summer and its still going. The remover and toner are great, and I love how the moisturizer goes on lightly. The scent is light and very pleasant, so you would be offending you guy, family or roommates with strong floral scents.  I find my skin to be a lot softer and healthier looking now ad  I don’t have to wear as much make up to cover blemishes.


skin care, Refresh Botanicals, moisturizer, foaming cleanser, toner, beauty products


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