Along with other media outlets and lifestyle influencer’s, we were invited to the VERSAY Wine On Tap Launch held at Toronto’s hot spot, Rock Lobster! Founded in 2011, VERSAY is bringing us smooth, quality wines without the bottles, without the expense of shipping, allowing restaurants to buy wine in bulk. Honestly, we walked up to the bar, asked for a glass of white and it came straight from a tapped keg.

Rock Lobster served up lovely sea food dishes including crab, oysters, and shrimp, while a live band played throughout the evening. The venue was packed and everyone was impressed with the quality of wine coming out of the taps.

Kegged and distributed by Vineland Estates and sold by partners Vineland Estates and Halpern Enterprises, Versay currently has nine different wines ranging in region and grape. Cool thing? Wine on tap is a greener option. Each keg holds 26 bottles of wine, so an establishment that carries two wines on tap and changes kegs weekly reduces their waste by 52 bottles per week. On an average annual basis, this reduces 1,082 kilograms of garbage per year. Versay kegs are also reused. Using this route, Businesses save their wallet and the planet.

Versay wine is currently available at Rock Lobster in the Ossington-Queen area, Mark Mcewan’s ONE in upscale Yorkville, Miller on the Bay by the Harbourfront, Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Rosedale, Fabbrica at the Shops of Don Mills and several other restaurants across Ontario. Event planners or hostesses can also rent a mobile Versay keg for parties and events directly from the website,

Written By Carcia Campbell

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