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If us HerCastleGirls always have questions for our friend Victoria Fedosoff, you guys, our cherished readers, MUST have some questions. You sent us some great questions, so we have finally put Victoria to the test! See if she’s answered your questions this month!

Samantha from Owen Sound, ON Asks: Is there an easy way to pick the perfect shade of foundation?

When choosing the right shade of foundation you want it to blend in perfectly with your skin. Try to be the closest to natural light as possible and always test the product on your face as that is where you will be applying it. Choose 3 shades, apply them in lines to your outer cheek. The one that disappears is your shade!

Fernanda from Rio de Janeiro,Brazil asks: Is there any way to make my full face appear slimmer?

In order for your face to appear slimmer, you want to bring out the angles of your face. A bit of (matte) bronzer will do the trick.

After your regular makeup application; begin by slightly contouring your cheekbones. Using an angled blush brush, apply bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks (if you are unsure of where to apply, sucking in your cheeks will help guide you). Slightly contour and blend upwards to give a more defined appearance. Follow by applying blush but make sure you avoid apples of your cheeks as that will make your face appear fuller.

Lastly, using a large fluffy powder brush and apply your bronzer to your temples, jawline, and slightly underneath your chin blended down to your neck.

Abigail from Manchester, England asks: I live in Manchester and most days, the sun is not out. I want to start wearing bronzer to give my face some color but I’ve never worn it before,could you tell me how I would apply it?

When applying bronzer, think of where the sun would naturally touch your face. Temples, the bridge of your nose, cheeks and chin and I always make sure to bring it altogether by sweeping some onto the eyelids as well.

Tammy from Bengough, SK Asks: What’s a good eyeliner to use for lining the waterline? Every time I’ve tried to do this, my eyes water up and the eyeliner smears under my eyes.¬†

Waterproof is essential. Kohl liners are my go to! Check out my favorite here. It is also essential to set your liner with a black eyeshadow overtop. If you find this is still happening try the technique twice, liner shadow, liner shadow. It should stay put all day and night!

Amy from Beverly Hills, CA Asks: As much as I love my make-up, on the hottest days it always seems to sweat off. Can you recommend a good spritzer for me?

Setting sprays are all the rave these days. Urban Decay has two that help your makeup stay put. Try this one or if you are a bit on the oilier side there is also De-Slick. I am also a huge fan of MAC‘s fix + spray. It’s great to prep skin, set your makeup and refresh it throughout the day.

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