Good Times with IFLY Toronto

My family would consider me to be, Brave. This doesn’t mean I will jump off a cliff into a rocky shallow water, it only means I am willing to try reasonable things at least once. When our dearest friend wanted to celebrate her birthday with a skydiving experience, I was the first to say YES, without asking for Telly’s thoughts.
IFLY Toronto is actually located at the border of Mississauga and Oakville, nestled between the suburbs, but the space is a popular spot! People travel here JUST to try to skydiving simulator tunnel which takes you through a skydiving experience starting at around 150km per an hour with experienced instructors. Saturday night, while some of you were gettin’ your drank and dance on, we were getting our flying gear on.
After signing a waiver and confirming your weight, you are taken into a class where you are introduced to your instructor and taught the basics of flying. They even incorporate a short video that illustrates proper form.

Once everyone has asked enough questions, you get suited up! Goggles, a fly suit, ear plugs and a helmet. It is best to wear sneakers or tennis shoes, since they do not allow booties or heels (obviously…). They actually have a few pairs that you may borrow if you are in desperate need. They instructor seats everyone in the sitting area of the tunnel and you do a full minute flying. Your first time in feels like 30 minutes. Our group of girls did a great job! The only advice I can give is to fall into a meditative state and trust the wind, trust your instructor. If you relax, the feeling of being lifeless, on air, is AMAZING. The firs time in, i did a decent job, but my second time in was awesome. I was able to fly on my own and I was smiling ear to ear. I now understand why people end up making this a real hobby and pursue licensing. Our instructor Marcus is really passionate about what he does and has been pro for 7 years.

Believe me, we are booked for our next session and we plan on going HIGHER in the tunnel. If you want to bring the kids, make sure they are 4 years old and up.