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We count JayJay King as a ItsMFL Supporter and Friend. From the night we met at a fashion party, we clicked and it has been such a rewarding journey to see what JayJay has created and accomplished. JayJay is one of the charismatic personalities (and producers) from the web I Walk For Myles In These Shoes. Recently, JayJay told us about his latest project soon to be fully revealed in 2013 and we thought we’d have an open chat about his project known as JayJay King’s Diary Of A King. Read our conversation below to learn what our talented friend has set for 2013!

JayJay King

You’ve been involved in the web series, I Walk For Myles In These Shoes, and you’ve worked in Fashion and Styling. Why have you decided to add Diary of A King to your plate?

Well, I have worked hard on the Myles project as the producer and editor and it’s solely about Myles, so in the end I cannot share anything he does not want to. I want to show that I am my own identity, whether it be the highs, such as moving to Toronto and experiencing all the crazy events or the lowest lows, like facing disorders or ending a long term relationship. These events all took place and are now a learning experience for me, and hopefully, can be turned into a tool to educate or help others.

For our readers, explain what Diary of A King is about. What type of platform is used to share the information?

In my life I have always had the need and desire to have a hand in learning and doing everything. I want to transcend genres and mediums. I don’t want it to be just a blog or just a YouTube channel, just about fashion or just about art. It is and will be an undefined collection , or a merge of all of those things, like a blog with a heavy visual video component. I have basically planned the first year where you will see anything from stylists, makeup artists, social media gurus sharing their knowledge. I have also planned a deeper side which I believe will have a great impact as well.

From our experience in social media, content creators have a desire & need to share information they want others to know about. What is it that you’d like to share with the world?

I think everyone has a story, a diary or memoir of their experiences and secrets that outlines the life they have lived and future they will see and I want to share mine. I think sharing the highs are important, but just as important is sharing the lows. I want people to see that you can come from different backgrounds and have different challenges and still over come them with your head high. I don’t want to share anything just yet because I am still trying to figure out the balance between sharing my story while keeping some privacy. I don’t want it to sound as though nothing positive will be said because that’s far from the truth, but I do want to shed light on hushed subjects and let others know things get better.

What do you hope viewers and readers of Diary Of A King will learn or take away?

I want people to take away the inspiration that you can do everything you want and you don’t need to sensor yourself or ideas. I want them to learn from some experienced people who will appear on Diary of a King and hopefully be motivated to do it themselves.

What was the inspiration behind this project?

The inspiration behind Diary of a King is a series of things that lead to its creation. I get inspired by things I see, do, and touch, as well as the people and places around me. Social media to me is like what the American dream is to others, you can express yourself in any manner or media you’d like with the potential of being heard by millions. Bloggers such as yourselves or web series such as Who The F*ck Is Nancy, and of course Myles and my close friend Darcy all inspire me. I am a dreamer by heart, I have always felt like I live inside my head in a little universe I’ve created where I feel safe. However I want to push myself. I have always wanted to do it but was just too afraid, but I realized if I don’t at least try, I am sending a message of doubt to the people who listen to what I say and I don’t want that. I want them to be able to look at this as an inspiration, and then, follow their dreams.

When will Diary Of A King start up & where can we find it online?

Well, everyone is asking that and it’s a good question. In reality Diary of a King is something that has been in the works for years, but it wasn’t until now I felt right releasing it. I don’t want to limit myself creatively and those who appear on ‘DoaK’ by saying this is a concrete date that it HAS to be done by. However I will say I expect it to launch early 2013. With special content or features being released until then. When it does launch though it will first begin on Youtube, and than transition to multi-media such as a web page.

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