A Conversation with Montreal Fashion Designer Arti Gogna

The fitting room can be a horrible place! Trying on clothes that fit everywhere but at the chest, bum or hips can be a headache as a curvy girl, but some designers understand this annoyance, and designers like Montreal’s Arti Gogna have made it a part of their brand in design to create for all fashion lovers. Us HerCastleGirls have a few Arti pieces in our closets (wore her blue dress to this party), so we understand the fit and ease in wearing her clothing. We chat with this amazing Canadian designer about her latest collection for Spring/ Summer 2013 and her lifestyle as a creating business woman.

Arti Gogna SS13


Looking at your designs for the Spring/Summer season, we see a lot of bright color, and printed black and white. What led you to working with these pallets?

There’s nothing more exciting than wearing a color combo that’s totally unpredictable. Women love exciting and unique pieces, choosing those colors was my way to celebrate that mood.

Who do you design for when you envision your finished piece? Is there such a thing as an ‘Arti’ girl?

I imagine the “Arti Gogna” woman to be the kind of female that is able to handle life on her own. She’s living life freely and making her dreams come to reality. She can be a mother, a young adult, an educated woman with a successful career. It is a state of mind; her attitude and independance against the world. She’s independent, confident, sexy and classy.

You are catering to a woman that doesn’t really have a place on the traditional Fashion runway, probably because many designers don’t understand the curvy body type. How are you able to cut clothes so well for curvy girls?

Well I for one have curves. So I know how it is when you try on a dress and it does nothing for your figure. I love sexy form fitted styles with unique elements. I think that’s what catches peoples eye when they’re shopping for themselves.

Your designs can be worn in the “real” world, meaning they are classy and versatile. Why have you decided to take this route regarding design?

I think it has it do with my outlook on life. I believe every girl can be classy. Being versatile is a way to handle life. To be open minded and ready to face what’s next. I love to wear sexy and unique clothes that are practical at the same time.

You are in a business where Art and Business really have to co-exist. How do you handle the balance?

I don’t consider myself an artist, more a visionary. Business is in my blood, it’s what I’ve grown up around. My dad started his business when I was 5 years old so it’s something that I’ve always been surrounded by. I really have a passion for clothes. Taking different elements and making them my own is what I thrive on.

What does Arti Gogna have planned for the rest of 2013 and when can we see the latest designs in stores?

I plan on working on gowns, and taking the simple cocktail dress and pushing it to it’s full potential. What I’ve learned in that past few years is that people are willing to invest in pieces are that not only original but of quality as well. so that’ll be my main focus this year. I’m also designing for some wedding this year (bridesmaids, maid-of-honor). As for the Summer 2013 collection, it’s in stores now in Montreal and soon to be online.

Find Arti Gogna online here, or visit The Homegrown Boutique in Yorkville, Toronto to shop Arti!

Written By Carcia Campbell

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