Add Some Plaid

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The key to stellar winter styling is Layering. If you layer properly, you won’t only keep warm, but you’ll look chic as well. It always start with the winning item. Here, the winning item is the KARV Clothing winter jacket. Any coat with leather inserts is a great buy as this trend is here to stay. Rather then black, we worked with grey and it only adds depth and more interest. A simple red top (JACOB) gives us some color and to make the look party ready, we threw in a statement skirt (Express) with over-the-knee boots (ALDO). For even MORE drama, throw in a plaid scarf (ZARA), beret with a vintage broach and you’re set. There is a lot of elements here, but it still works together for a winning winter look.


Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

Carcia & Telly

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