America’s Next Top Model Live: All-Star Winner & Celebs Walk CN TOWER’s Edge!

To launch one of Toronto’s most anticipated Spring shopping events, America’s Next Top Model Live, ANTM All-Star winner Lisa D’Amato, Sutherland Models finalists and pop singer Farahri took to the heights of Toronto’s CN TOWER to do The EdgeWalk yesterday morning. The world’s highest catwalk! ANTM invited fashion & lifestyle media to the observation lounge to watch history being made as the brave ladies took a walk on the edge 1,168 feet above ground. Before the girls suited up, we had a chance to chat and take pictures. We spoke to Lisa before suiting up, about her involvement with the ANTM franchise and her plans to wow us at ANTM Live Toronto with her runway walk & musical performance!

The Ladies are ready!

Q&A with ANTM All-Star Winner, LISA D’AMATO

HerCastleGirls. Is this your first trip to Canada, Lisa?

Lisa. This is my first time in Canada and I’m so excited because I’ve always, always, always wanted to come here! Canadians always seem to be so supportive. Canadians are light-hearted and sweet. They have a great sense of humor! They are my kind of people and I’m so excited to meet the fans.

HerCastleGirls. Now, when you first heard about The EdgeWalk did you know what it was and were you nervous about it?

Lisa. No honey! I don’t get nervous about anything that’s thrilling! I’m right into it! I actually thought we were going to propel off of it [The CN Tower],  so I was really excited about that, but then I found out that you basically just lean over, I was a little bummed! But it’s going to be a beautiful view, and it’s still something that’s thrilling,  it’s coming here and doing runway, meeting fans, and I’m performing now too!

HerCastleGirls. Oh wow! Really? That’s great! How has the entire franchise of ANTM changed your life? We’ve watched you on television and we’ve seen that side of you but we know there’s a side of you that is building a real career and brand.

Lisa. I was born and raised in Los Angeles so I’ve been modelling, performing and acting completely since I was 12 years old. Going on ANTM All-Stars opened up the arena in a more grand form, and winning ANTM All-Stars looks good on my resume, but at the end of the day you really need to be driven because as soon as you rely just on that, you’re going to go no where.  You really need to be incredibly driven and I’m so driven I want to run myself over sometimes!

HerCastleGirls. Well, you were ready to fly off the CN Tower so you are driven!

Lisa. My heart has always been married to the performing arts and my crafts are always getting mastered better and better and I’m open to learning more and more. I’m very excited for people to hear my new album, and there will be more television in my future as well. Modeling is the platform for me and it helps me branch out into other aspects of the entertainment industry, but it will always play a huge role in my life because it trained me! In entertainment you’re taking pictures all the time! But I will always stay true to my roots.


After our chat, Lisa, Farahri and Sutherland’s SuperModel Finalists suited up in red suits for some quick lessons in Edge walking! See our story in pictures below!

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for ANTM Live Toronto! Visit The show is THIS WEEKEND, May 4-6th!

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