AMTI – Angie’s Models & Talent International 2nd Anniversary

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Recently, Angie’s Models & Talent International (AMTI) celebrated its 2nd Anniversary here in Toronto. Dimitrios Seymour, the AMTI Toronto Director, invited us to the the official party at the Agencies office, located in the Film District within the Wrigley Factory. The Agency has filled the void left by Ford Models when the agency closed its doors here years ago.
After 25 years in business, AMTI is affiliated & recognized worldwide by top agents, fashion agencies, personal managers & casting directors. Known for managing some of the industry’s brightest stars, they have grown to become a major player not only in Canada, but internationally with clientele. While chatting with Dimitrios, we asked him about how the Toronto market differs for Actors and Models versus the European markets.
Toronto is a major fashion market. World MasterCard Fashion Week is the second biggest fashion week in North America outside of New York. Toronto is the forth biggest city in North America as well and Toronto is the most diverse city in the world, so there is a lot to work with here. Toronto is known to be more of a commercial market. You get a lot of catalog work here because major brands shoot here in the city. The world likes Canadians as models and actors. The whole aesthetic to what we look for in modelling here is diverse. Why try to find the petite tall girl for Paris, we try to find the curvy vivacious girl for Turkey, and for male models we always try to find the guy with the beard, which is strictly for Toronto and its very unique to Toronto, not very global yet. Canada likes the rugged male. Being in Toronto makes it very easy for us to place models all over globally, “  Dimitrios Seymour, the AMTI Toronto Director, said.
We snapped some shots at the event for your viewing pleasure.
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Models wore Narces! Stunning right?

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