BEYONCE Hits the Super Bowl Stage! Was this her Legacy Performance?

The one stage that scares even the most seasoned performers, is the halftime Super Bowl stage. Apparently, stars don’t run and turn over tables to perform because it is a difficult crowd to conquer. Singing in key is the least of the performers problem! Great costumes, talented dancers, the best backup musicians and a show that doesn’t stop entertaining! The Queen B herself, Beyonce, took on the football stage to make an official comeback performance. Here’s our rundown…


Leather body suits (designed by New York-based designer Rubin Singer) and high thigh boots for Beyonce, Kelly Roland, Michelle Williams and additional dancers. Loved the idea of leather! It worked with the fire and lights and looked amazing on camera. I’m sure all the ladies were sweating after the set though, as leather does not breath.



Song list was filled with Beyonce/Destiny’s Child hits

“Crazy in Love”
“Till the End of Time”
“Baby Boy”

“Bootylicious” (with Kelly and Michelle from Destiny’s Child)
“Indepedent Women” (with DC)
“Single Ladies”


Beyonce NEVER lacks energy. She put out her all to dance and sing to the best of her ability. It’s reported that she sang live, which is impressive, considering the high notes and the atmosphere of a large stadium. We felt extra power when Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Willams joined Beyonce on stage. These girls are so great together! Makes you excited for their new music.


Beyonce gave us exactly what we wanted: Beyonce. Bey’s performance was entertaining, full of hits, and proved again, how strong of a performer she is. Do we think this was Beyonce’s Legacy performance? NO WAY! She is too young to do already hit that high note. We think the best is yet to come for Beyonce as she continues to evolve as a singer, songwriter and performer.


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February 4, 2013 at 10:16 am

I completely agree – her performance was a bit lame. Unfortunately, because she’s, well, Beyonce, people aren’t supposed to criticize her. Because Bey can do no wrong. At least that’s what I think. I’m writing something about this, so look out for it…