Chatting With Global Warming!

No matter what time period, many people think Fashion holds no substance,  but if you dig, and explore fashion, you will find labels like Global Warming, a t-shirt fashion line that doesn’t look to detailed designs and patterns, but looks to society for the true design, through WORDS. Co-founders, Charmaine Joseph and Lauren Shirreffs create billboard t-shirts with bold sayings and messages that not only speak to the wearer, but to those who see the shirts on the street. Global Warming shirts not only bring social change, but they bring comfort to the wearer! Yes, these well made t-shirts fit well and are made of cotton. In a time where people truly CAN be heard, Global Warming is perfect for now, illustrating beliefs and opinions one t-shirt at a time. Charmaine and Lauren took time out of their day to talk with us about the deeper meaning behind their line. Check out our video below.

HerCastle Girls Interview Charmaine & Lauren of GLOBAL WARMING Tees [VIDEO]

Lauren & Charmaine, Global Warming creators
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By Carcia & Telly
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