Cheers to May 28th 28×28!

Who: May 28th Watches, a funky watch company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Toronto. The face of your watch can take on the work of an international artist, or one of YOUR own pieces of art.

What: May 28th opens its new Studio space, introduces a new iPhone app that brings customized watches to a new level, and a new project called 28×28.

Where: May 28th is located at 198 Walnut Avenue, #8, Toronto

Why: May 28th is such a fun concept. Creative Director Agni Tilla and her team are always on the look out for cool art and designs to feature on their watches. The May 28th website is where your creative mind gets to work. You can literally upload an Instagram picture and have it be the face of your watch! Choose the colors for your band and the watch will be designed just for you. The price point on these watches also make for the ability to collect a bunch. The 28×28 project will take the May 28th team out on the road around the WORLD for 28 months in search of new artists to feature in their line.  That’s more than 2 years on the road! Talk about dedication. Check out pictures of the celebration below! We’re fans.

You have never seen such a unique collection of watches. This is certain!
You have never seen such a unique collection of watches. This is certain!

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