Christopher Bates FW16 @ TOM* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

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TOM* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week truly showcases the best in Men’s Fashion, presenting our incredible designers we’ve showcased this week. Designer Christopher Bates, who is well known for his evening and formal wear, presented a very cool and casual collection perfect for the Christopher Bates man, but a bit more laid back. Looking at the styles we liked most, you can see the reference to the 1970’s where rock and rollers where more into showing themselves off. If you’re a fan of leather, suede, deep browns and long coats, this is the collection for you. One piece that stood out would be the military combat pants paired with a leather blazer. It was a different spin on the mood throughout the show, but the leather blazer brought it home. Young business executives will easily find items to pair with their current closet. We ask you, who DOESN’T enjoy a man in a long coat?

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Photography By L A R A W A N – Che Rosales

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