COVER IT: COSMO April 1979

SO glamorous! This cover could work today without any tweaks…

Supermodel Gia in her hey-day, working 1970s disco with a flash of retro 1980s animal print. By today’s standards, this makeup is very harsh, to say the least, but the colors are what you focus on! The browns, the cherry and nude colors make for such a glamorous look. We need this big-wind styled hair to come back to fashion magazine pages! This is why we called them Supermodels afterall. Aside from the make-up and hair, the styling gives us a great DIY idea! Grab a cute scarf and belt it around your favorite maxi dress for an entirely different look. It literally costs nothing! Personal Style Fashion is where it’s at so always keep that in mind when you want to dress & impress.


Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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