COVER IT: VOGUE August 9th, 1939

Innovation is always possible. If you are a lover of art, fashion, music or culture overall, you will know that as humans, we will never get bored or tired of what is around us. If you think that fashion lovers in 1939 were bored, you are mistaken. Check out this cover from August 9th, 1939! This VOGUE cover is BEYOND its time by 30 years, when in the 1960s, this was how art directors displayed their work, known to us as Pop Art. Even by today’s standards, this fashionable, on trend cover art work would probably win an award today. Circular white shades can be seen on every funky starlet now and the large statement clutch is a must have! Red lips never go anywhere either when it comes to out of sight beauty. Remember, this is 1939! VOGUE was being innovative without knowing what the future held for graphic design or fashion and the image stands strong today.

This image is great inspiration for Spring wear. Yes, we totally think about spring wear in January.
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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