Darlene Martin’s SHINE Collection: Dazzle For The Holidays

All photo credits: Darlene Martin- The SHINE Collection
From the world of figure skating to the world of glamorous jewelry, Darlene Martin, creator of the DM’s SHINE Collection, has created a sparkly line of bold jewelry featuring glass, Swarovski® crystals, sterling silver and semi precious stones. Looking at the gorgeous DM pieces you would never guess Darlene only started making jewelry 4 years ago. The career transformation began after Darlene became a mother. Her coaching schedule hours didn’t seem to fit her new life.
“Skating tends to be late at night, so I was gone from the house from 3 in the afternoon to 10 at night. I wasn’t there for dinner. I wasn’t there to put her [her daughter] to bed at night and it just didn’t feel right,” she said.
It was after a chance visit to a bead shop with her daughter that Darlene started experimenting with jewelry making. Being a figure skater, she was easily attracted to the pretty gems, colors and baubles. Within months, Darlene created a collection called Bijouxbead, a line of statement jewelry that was inspired by Canada’s vast, interesting and beautiful environment. The Bijouxbead line appeared on the red carpet on models & actresses, but now, Darlene is excited about the SHINE Collection, which was created for those who want some glam in their jewelry collection.
“The SHINE Collection is purposely very glamorous. It’s statement style and luxury. It’s all those things you would associate with glamour and celebrity type opportunities,” she said.
The SHINE Collection, now available through www.darlenemartin.ca, is a collection of luxe jewelry made with great care and construction. The collection was inspired by a grand necklace Darlene created, called The Shine. The Shine a is one-of-a-kind piece and not for purchase.
One who takes much time in detail and design, Darlene spent months researching the materials she would use for The SHINE Collection. Pieces such as the Lava stones took 6 months to prep for design. Darlene also paid great attention to the durability of the jewelry pieces, making each item multi-stranded.  The collection was born from Darlene’s great passion, putting a lot of herself into each item. For instance, the number 8 is significant to the collection. Spending much time doing figure eights in her skating career, Darlene created 8 necklaces, and 8 bracelets for the SHINE Collection.
Along with the SHINE Collection, The DM line is offering personalized services just in time for the holiday season including recommendations, gift wrapping and various shipping options to match the elegance of the new collection. We can also expect SHINE earrings, and a brand new collection in the near future from Darlene Martin.
To see more of the fabulous and new SHINE Collection by Darlene Martin, visit her newly designed website at www.darlenemartin.ca
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