DESIGNING 007: Tiff Exhibits 50 Years of Bond Style

We have discussed Mr. James Bond, 007 on this blog before. We love the fictional character! It’s been 50 years and he still has us at every British word. TIFF Bell Lightbox celebrated the opening of their BOND exhibit, Designing 007 – Fifty Years of Bond Style with a party and fundraiser last week. The entire building turned into a glamorous night spot with dancers, a live band, casino room and high-rollers decked in suits and tuxedos! The night started with us getting our passports with our missions that needed to be completed before the party ended. We started off strong! To describe in words would take away from the fun we had, so a Pictorial is best.

We don't know his name, but his eye patch is spot on for this event.
Groovy walls lit!

Fashion Designer Christopher Bates and Carcia. We were imitating Bond & his Bond Girl. Don't you LOVE Christopher's shirt? Designed by him, of course.
Telly & Christopher Bates. They were both in white, so they looked so classic.
Telly & I worked hard at hitting every station to complete our missions.
The casino was alive with action. All proceeds went to TIFF programs for young film makers and other programs that go throughout the entire year.
Hey! Another Bond girl! Ms. Gail McInnes (Magnet Creative Management)
And the band played on. They kept spitting out the good stuff! Motown, Bond themes and more! We started dancing and didn't stop. Alas, we didn't get to the last missions. Typical Bond girls seduced by Music, not James Bond this time.

The Exhibit goes until January 20th! We highly suggest that you visit here for info on seeing the exhibit and seeing some BOND films.

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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