Elizabeth Victoria: The Perfect Topper!

Fascinator a delicate, frivolous head decoration worn mostly by women, may be worn instead of a hat on occasions where hats were traditionally worn—such as weddings—or as an evening accessory, when it may be called a cocktail hat. It is generally worn with fairly formal attire.
One of the many Brides Elizabeth Victoria has worked with enjoys her special day.
In today’s world, you do not need a prince to be a princess.
Designers like Elizabeth Victoria Stevens, founder and designer for Elizabeth Victoria, have proved that with a proper fascinator you can be the princess of the ball. 
Let’s not forget Princess Beatrice’s pink fascinator at the Royal Wedding, or Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf obsession with fancy hair accessories.
As a young girl, Elizabeth Victoria was always interested in fashion, playing dress-up and  drawing fancy gowns. Her interests lead her to Ontario College of Art and Design where she studied Material Art and Design and Jewelery. Her studies only developed her skills & love for sculpture with metal and fibre. 
Instead of taking the obvious journey into garment fashion design, Elizabeth delved into millinery design. We had a nice chat with Elizabeth Victoria on her craft and the popularity of millinery accessories.HerCastle: Why did you choose millinery over tradition garment fashion design?

Elizabeth Victoria: I think the answer is in my fine art/sculpture/material art & design background. As a teenager, I was seriously considering a career as a fashion designer, but my love of fine art won out and I went to OCAD instead of fashion school. I’ve always been an accessories girl and I’ve had a thing for hats all my life (hats and shoes and bags, oh my!); even when it wasn’t cool to wear them, like it is now. It was kind of a secret fetish. But getting here was an evolution; I had to learn a lot and explore other things as part of my creative journey, but this product gives me the opportunity to use my skills, education, creativity and love of fashion to build sculptural, textural and colorful concoctions that make me very very happy. It’s the perfect career choice for me, my lifestyle and skill set. I absolutely love it.

Elizabeth showing off her lovely creations at Toronto’s Bridal Show last weekend!

HerCastle: Can you explain why so many people are fascinated with Fascinators right now? And secondly,Was the Royal Wedding/ The Royal Family a big influence?

Elizabeth Victoria: People are fascinated by fascinators because they are the ultimate accessory: They look great on everyone, are perfect for people who don’t like or look good in hats and a woman’s size, shape or colour and length of hair doesn’t matter. They offer everyday wearability, you don’t have to dress up to rock a fascinator! With a fresh fascinator and a change of accessories, the same cocktail dress is a completely different outfit; a few clients came back to me for a new fascinator every time they had to go to a wedding this past summer and wore the same dress each time!

It can take a while for trends from the UK and Europe to make their way into mainstream fashion here in Canada. And of course millinery in the UK is more tradition than trend, but the classic and at times over-the-top designs trademark of British weddings may have been a little much for the more conservative Canadian palate. The global eye on the Royal Wedding absolutely brought much more awareness to Canadians about fascinators and how fantastic they are. Two years ago, few people I met seemed to know what to call a fascinator or how to wear one, and now it’s almost a household name, so to speak. Many people seemed to consider it a bit of a risk, but usually only until they tried one on. Once women see how amazing they look in my creations, they are much less inhibited about the thought of wearing feathers on their heads out in public for no special reason.  

HerCastle: When clients come to you, what kind of descriptions or guidance do they give you to create their pieces?

Elizabeth Victoria:  Part of the design process includes a free consultation with me to discuss the ideas and needs of the client. I work with a lot of brides, and they are usually the most specific about what they want. They’ve been doing their research, so they’ll often bring me photos of the things that they like. I take inspiration from themes, color schemes and how and when the piece will be worn. Other clients will just give me a color or feather or brooch or other element and ask me to make something around it however I like. The more creative license I have available to me, the more fun I have on the project, but it’s always good to be given some reference or point of inspiration to start work from.

Telly was having too much fun trying on Elizabeth Victoria toppers!

HerCastle: Where can we find you next with Elizabeth Victoria?

Elizabeth Victoria: I’m at the Girlfriend’s Getaway Weekend Artisan Show out in Muskoka this coming Saturday; then it’s the pieceWORK Pop Up Sale of Textile and Fibre Arts at the Gladstone Hotel on on November 25th; and the Speakeasy Holiday Sale December 1st.

Visit Elizabeth Victoria online at www.elizabethvictoria.ca
You can believe it, we’ll be fascinating in some Fascinators soon! It’s fashionably adventurous after all.

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