Famous Closet: Emma Watson

For 10 years, she filled our cinema’s with magic and wizardry! Its hard to believe at the age of 10, Emma started playing Hermione Granger in the first Harry Potter film. After donning long hair and capes for so long, Emma has set herself free and has become what you would call a fashion lover (one that we want to watch). It all started to come together when she cut her hair.
Good move!
Emma is now the IT girl for Lancome and Burberry! Yes, they see the beauty in the British actress who is really making magic in the fashion world.
Emma favors neutrals and solids for red carpet wear. With her hair short, she can basically do any kind of collar or neckline embellishments, but she seems to stray from necklaces or chains. Cool earrings seem to be a must and she boldly wears edgy Burberry jackets when she can!