Fashion MashUp! Adrian Wu & Erin Holman

Fashion, like most industries now, moves very quickly. We easily get lost at the idea of Fashion as an art form, so it’s nice to be reminded of the artistry and work that goes on behind the garments we choose to wear. Being friends and fans of Adrian Wu‘s work has allowed us to meet and learn more about up and coming designers in our city. One artist that has caught our eye (and Adrian Wu’s eye) is Men’s wear designer, Erin Holman, who like Adrian Wu, creates very original clothes, stylish and well tailored.

The two designers have decided to collaborate on a project with photographer Anna Sulikowska, unveiling architect Christos Marcopoulos latest project this Sunday at Studio (N-1). The event will be featuring 10 to 15 dresses, along side Erin Holman’s Men’s wear designs. We visited Adrian’s studio this week to see some of the work before the official debut and The Wu/Holman collaboration makes the perfect pair! The pictures speak for itself! Expect to learn more about Erin Holman here on ItsMFL!

Erin Holman Top, Adrian Wu Bottom

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