Fashion Preview: EXPRESS SS13

To be honest, up to last year, we didn’t really know a lot about the unisex retailer EXPRESS, but it seems like the people behind the brand are working hard to get our attention! After a great showing last year at MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto, we looked more into the retailer. With their latest showing for Spring/Summer 2013, the brand is setting themselves up for another powerful year. We took in their preview in Toronto last week and they had it all! Pretty maxi dresses, bright neons in simple silhouettes, pleats, Aztec prints, floral prints and hot accessories. Catering to the modern man and women, the collection can work for anyone who wants to work trends into their everyday wardrobe. Another great addition is the price point! Most of the items shown here are $100.00 or less and available now into May! Check out the pieces that caught our eye and Follow our Instagrams to see our latest EXPRESS purchases, @CarciaHerCastle & @TellyHerCastle.

To stimulate our taste buds, we were tempted with tasty brownies, cookies and valentines candy!

We just can’t get over the COLOR in EXPRESS’s latest offering! For those that don’t want to try a splash of neon this year, you’ll be missing out. Our favorite part of Spring/Summer is being able to wear leg baring dresses. Express has a variety of maxis that would work for destination weddings and cute shorter dresses for the weekends.


Will always love black, but your black pieces will enjoy being matched up with these brights!


More creative prints, neons and some layering action using sheer fabric!

Guys? Don’t feel left out! EXPRESS is showing you love with some colorful preppy looks and casual beachy looks!

One department that’s not lacking for EXPRESS is their accessories options! Pulling all the colors from the clothes, EXPRESS accessories will add enough pop to a bland outfit. Our favorite would be the neon dangling earrings!

To see more of our favorite EXPRESS looks, check out our Facebook page! Also, watch FASHION STAR to see Express buyers bid on new styles for their stores! The styles they take on WILL BE AVAILABLE in Canada unlike like season! Exciting right?

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