Bono The Great: Fashion Through Music

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George Pimentel/GETTY IMAGES- Bono & U2 tear the house up at The Rogers Centre, Toronto Canada, July 11 2011.
Any band will tell you; If you want staying power in the music industry, crack the U2 code.
Its been a LONG time coming for the Irish boys, now men, who have conquered the stigmata of drug abuse, huge egos, needy wives, and have remained relevant for OVER 30 years. Of course their music has a lot to do with their position on the music charts, but you can’t help but realize how fashion has been the staple of Bono’s strong persona.
It takes a lot to be known solely as Bono, so with a cool name must come the coolest of fashion staples to make a signature look.
– Leather jacket
– Leather pants or dark denim
– Plain black T, or a rad printed band T
– Rugged and true black boots, with some sort of embellishment, like a buckle, or studs for us girls
– The most important piece to Bono fashion, The Shades. It can be any shape, just make sure its dark and mysterious.
Check back tomorrow for our illustration of Bono fashion!