Fashion with the Earth in Mind!

Give the Earth a hug and check out these cool finds below that are conscious of the Earth and how to protect it. Also, make a shopping trip this week and visit your favorite vintage or consignment store and shop Gently Used! Vintage shopping is a great way to reduce waste by recycling clothes. That’s just one Eco-tip from us! But your Earth safe search can start online by visiting the following brands.

6-Henkaa_SakuraMidiDressEmeraldGreenHenkaa offers some of the most beautiful multi-convertible dresses like this one!

15-Manitobah_mukluks 12

Another fun eco-find! Manitobah Mukluks


Panda - the Mountain t-shirt




One of the most beautiful faces in nature? The Face of the Panda! Get T’s like these at The Mountain.



travel-hoptu-burg-tablet2Looptworks keeps your ipad safe & sound in this funky case.

In what ways do you plan on celebrating your love for our planet? Let us know below!

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