Finding Fashion Trends with Online Bingo


Finding fashion trends with online bingo

Spring is all about rebirth, awakenings, and new beginnings. Around this time of year, the color palette among women revolves around the pastels, fashionably speaking. Although you can’t go wrong with pastels during this season, why not be a little bit more daring with your wardrobe? Nothing says “new beginning” than switching from your usual pales and pinks to colors that are bright and bold. Spring is a perfect time to make a big fashion statement.

People have gone through many avenues to seek inspiration for their vivacious spring wardrobe. According to a guest blogger on Kimberly West’s style blog, fashion enthusiasts have started looking for inspiration from the hues worn by FoxyBingo’s mascot. Foxy’s audacious orange fur and royal purple suit have fashionistas keeping a lookout for oranges and purples in this season’s trends. Orange represents creativity, optimism, and flamboyance. And as for the purple, yes it’s typically a fall color, but if the theme of this year is making that daring statement, it’s an essential hue to integrate into your spring look. From wellies, to sunnies, and to button ups, Spry on the Wall highlights just how versatile the color purple can be.

The bright and bold theme doesn’t have to stop at your clothes. Many women have incorporated that concept into their makeup as well. According to the Swide team, “orchid is the color of the season,” and the best way to wear is with eye shadows. When you’re not out rocking the purple eye shadows, orange hues for your lips are perfect for complementing your complexion. Harper’s Bazaar states that orange lips were popular in the spring ’14 runways.


A true style icon ready for spring fashion, Lauren Conrad rocks the Malibu Island Spiced Event in orange lips and a matching orange blouse.

So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Try something bold for a change. You know what they say, go big or go home.

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