For Everyone! The Moto Jacket

Date Night, Rock Concert Look, Party Night or Business Chic with Giant Tiger’s Moto Jacket 

The Moto Jacket never gets tired. If you take a walk through any retail store, you will see an interpretation of the Moto in Vegan and Genuine Leathers. Upon cruising through a local Giant Tiger location in our home town of Mississauga, I laid eyes on a well-tailored moto jacket with all the zippers in place. What made me question life was the price tag which read $35.00. Yes, Thirty-five dollars!

The quality here is incredible and the compliments that we get daily from our jackets is pretty impressive, considering that it IS just a leather jacket. The Moto can take many forms! Personal style shines when you wear this staple. See how we, along with our blogging and styling girlfriends Elana Camille and Aliecia Brissett, take the moto on a different path to suit our personal style. Whether it be Date night, Rock Show Night, Party Night, or Business Chic, the moto jacket will travel with you, through your wardrobe journey!
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Photography by Elana Camille

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