As much as we love the summer sun, we’ll take the cooler air to don one of these divine Danier Leather finds from the label’s Fall Winter Preview for 2013. Danier represented every style you can think of this season, taking from the trends we are loving like, The Hoodie, Mixed Media and the classic Leather look, The Biker. Colors this season will be plenty, but muted. Check out images below to see what Danier has in store for you, coming this September.

The styles we see in fashion overall are being captured by Danier Leather! The Hoodie is hear to stay.
The most classic Leather jacket style would have to be the Biker look. The more zippers and snaps, the better.
For the past couple of seasons, Leather has had a revival, being mixed with different textures and fabrics. Danier has put their own twist on the trend in wool coats, button down shirts and two-tone leather jackets.

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Written By Carcia Campbell & Chantel Telly Campbell

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