Handbags of The Year

What woman doesn’t enjoy a nice handbag? Whether you’re a cute little bag carrier or a huge handbag carrier a la Mary Poppins, (like us. I mean we carry a camera ALL THE TIME), you can appreciate a fashionable and functional handbag. Some handbags really caught our attention. Of course some of these pretty things are out of our price range, but once we get that cash and priorities are taken care of, we’ll go luxury handbag shopping! We list off our fav handbags of 2011.
Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel
Dior Chri Chri bag
Cambridge Satchel Company Fluoro Yellow Satchel
Celine Handbag/Tote Luggage Medium
Zara Leather Tote
Burberry Tonal Raffia Bowling bag
Jimmy Choo “Rosabel” bag

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