Harper’s Bazaar: THE Naomi Campbell

She played Simon Le Bon in Duran Duran‘s Girl Panic music video and is still in the daily news of our lives. It wasn’t too long ago Naomi Campbell was a 16 year old on the cover of TAXI. Now Naomi carries the title of Supermodel, a title she doesn’t accept, according to her interview with Harper’s Bazaar (March 2012). Check out these images from the new Harper’s Bazaar. Regardless of her personal situations, she’s one of the greatest models to strut the catwalk.
May 1987
Naomi was the first black model to cover French Vogue (August 1988).
Naomi at 41, shows us that age really is nothing more then a number.
Another reason why we love Naomi? We have the same last name of Campbell, and we are of Jamaican decent like Naomi. Cousin Naomi? Hmm, you never know.
By Carcia &Telly
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