High-Heel Comfort? YES, With Ecco!

We were excited to meet with Ecco and hear about their fab bootie, Sculptured 65, a bootie that gives the confidence of a heel, but the comfort of a well-fitted flat using Scandinavian comfort technology. The sole and heel are shock absorbing so you don’t feel the pressure on your feet! Trust us, we wore them grocery shopping of all places! We wouldn’t write about the coolness of this footwear if we didn’t love it. In fact, Ecco makes comfortable shoes period. Fashion & comfort are hard to find combined, so you have to celebrate it when it’s done right. Ecco also looks forward to introducing a higher heel with the same technology! The current bootie is 65mm.

Thanks to Ecco for the Lovley booties & sneakers! The Grey pair are the comfy Sculptured 65. Cheers to comfort.
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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