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The 1980s was an iconic time in Television pop culture, ideally because of many hit television shows, one including Miami Vice, starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as James “Sonny” Crockett and Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs. Every week viewers would escape to the under-belly of the drug world with these hottie cops who were so fashionably dressed! Taking inspiration from fashionable pop star men in the New Romantic style movement, these guys wore pastels, large to fit pants and jackets, and made the ‘no socks’ look a must in mens leisure fashion. Ladies, we can learn a lot from these guys, let’s all take a look at the stylings of Miami Vice.


Don’t you love the draping of this jacket? Verra unisex. Don Johnson’s character was known for his rolled up sleeves and lack of socks (which you will see below).


The suit is totally casual for these guys. Don is sporting a simple t-shirt under his sports coat, while Philip Michael Thomas wears a jazzy print jacket over a printed collar-less shirt. They would totally fit in when following criminals into the night clubs.



Color! Pastels in pink and purple where cool for the Miami Vice clan. Simple button ups and cut-offs to show those Miami tans. Girls, we do totally do this look before summer is out.


Classic Miami Vice style! Don Johnson’s Sonny would wear full white, no socks included, at least bi-weekly on the show, while Phil Michael Thomas’s Tubbs would wear a double breasted suit looking sharp. Goes perfectly with the sports car and fancy gun.


JC Rags Men’s Deconstructed Twill Blazer
Maison Martin Margiela crew neck t-shirt
Maison Martin Margiela crew neck t-shirt
Men's white perforated leather TOMS
Men’s white perforated leather TOMS
Prada Ardesia Grey Double Breasted Blazer
Prada Ardesia Grey Double Breasted Blazer


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