Inspiration Is: Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is the epitome of the sexy Italian woman. She is sexy, not lewd. She is stylish, not overly try-hard. Her eyes say it all, and the men love her. The actress was the muse for all those GUESS campaigns and her way of dressing the curvy body and wearing huge eye-wear made her an iconic fashion fixture. In a way, Sophia is the brunette, Italian version of Marilyn Monroe. SO why do we love her? Look at her! She’s gorgeous and witty. When asked about her voluptuous figure, she said, “Everything you see, I owe to Spaghetti!” If you haven’t analyzed her style, you must! We learn from this lady everyday when it comes to bring the sexy on with class.

Born Sofia Villani Scicolone
20 September 1934 (age 78)
Pozzuoli , Naples , Italy

As a kid, this is how I saw and identified her. Sophia made this frame her gimick without really knowing it. She inspired all women eye-glass wearers to wear the largest frames they could find.
Very retro! Sophia was seen often in a head scarf with a thick curly mane. The scarf was meant to protect the hair style, but she made it a fashion staple to wear the scarf primarily as a fashion accessory.
Its not Sophia, but GUESS Jeans knows the allure of the star and used her as a muse for their marketing campaigns.
The Body, The Face and The Attitude!
Her make-up always seemed perfect!
More Sophia Headgear. The actress had a great head of hair, but she often found unique ways to cover it up. In her younger days, she did the colorful scarf. The more mature Sophia does a floppy large hat. Both are equally amazing!
Yes, ANOTHER hat! Sophia was a natual beauty with great bone structure. But there is a great fashio tip here! When you do a cool hat, keep your blouse simple. The button down here is perfect!
Classic Sophia in large sunglasses, Chic coat and decortive beanie. It’s 1960s, but ifs a great mod look to carry over to today!
The Cat-Eye and the Brows. Focus on those for the perfect Sophia Loren look. Honestly, have you even seen such an awesome Cat-Eye? Perfection.
Show those curves. Sophia, like many starlets in the 1950s and 1960s, embraced her shape and this made her a a pinup favorite.
Some more looks to inspire your look for the upcoming New Year!

She grabbed an Oscar for her performance in Two Women, and in 1991, she was honored by the Oscars for her career as an actress. She also won a Golden Globe, a Grammy Award, BAFTA award….the list is endless. Another fact? Sophia married the love of her life at the age of 15. That’s right, 15 years old. Unfortunately her new hubby was still married to his first wife and she was under age, so they divorced, but married again once she was old enough and he was single.

Her films include…(select)

Houseboat (1958)

El Cid (1961)

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963)

Two Women (1960)

Marriage Italian-Style (1964)

A Special Day (1977).

Grumpier Old Men (1995)

Nine (2009)

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