Living On The Edge with Roxanne Nikki

After a 10 year hiatus from full on designing in the fashion industry, Roxanne Nikki is back with a new collection and vision! We sat in on her dark, stylish Fall/Winter show and chatted with the artist afterwards about her new collection, and new beginnings!
And the show begins!

Q.What were you doing while on hiatus?
A. I lived in Paris for a few years, which was great. I never really stopped living in fashion, I just stopped being very active. I did a few things quietly, but mainly I just took time off for life. When I was living in Paris my friends there and I were talking, and prior to living there I was a real workaholic, being a young designer, building your name and time just goes and before you know it, its been 10 years. I always remember a girl I knew who said everyone needs time for life, especially artists, it feeds the artist. I’ve been planning these comeback for a few years, quietly in my studio, working on the studio and building my company for tonight’s debut.

Q. We saw beautiful furs, leathers and bursts of colors! What was your inspiration for this collection?
A. My time away really gave me time to step back and look at my work. I am a fashion designer, but first and foremost I’m an artist. This collection is kind of an iconic story of what I am all about which is life, whether it be a signature piece, small accessory or one of my full blown crazy elaborate coats. It depends on your style. It also has to be functional and the clothes shouldn’t wear you. You should wear the clothes and be all that you want to be. It should be practical, but looking chic. I got that from my time in Paris. The french make everything look so effortless and that to me is chic. This collection also has a touch of cyber-future, like the pop comics of the sixties, like Pulp Fiction, Femme Fatale, good boy and the bad boy. The fabric? I’m all about the fabric. My collection is very item driven, so I start with the fabric and let it dictate to me where we’re going.

Q. Tell us about the music featured in your show tonight. Who was the artist? And how did the music help set the mood for your audience?
A. It’s Bryce Kushnier and he’s my nephew. He has a long musical career. He used to be under his label, Vitaminsforyou, and this is his new band called Shivers. Me and Bryce are kind of each others muses. While I was away working I was always following his career and he’s always been supportive so I said when I come back, it’s you that I want to do the music. We just get each other, so I just left it in his hands and it just fits.

Q. Now that you’ve presented this collection, what’s your next step for the next season?
A. For the next season, I do have my agent here in Toronto and she will be presenting the line here in Canada and I also work with an agent out in Los Angeles. I’ll be re-developing my contacts to show my line internationally.

Yes, because you’ve been known as a big influence on celebrity fashion.
My clothes are for sure, a celebrity product. I do dress a lot of celebrities and I have a great fan base in Canada but I also have a very large market outside, so we do want to explore that as well. Right now I am focusing on Fall but I’m also focusing on doing a spring group for LA. Its mostly under wraps but its going to be very sexy, but very feminine. Where I see it going? I’m gonna be cleaning the rug!

Roxanne (center) takes a bow.

I feel really happy and satisfied. If it was only this show, I’m happy. I feel very, very accomplished and satisfied with the product that came out and I want to keep doing it more and hopefully get it to the people who want it and need it.
-Roxanne Nikki 

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