Malia Indigo Presents REPRESENTATION | Runway Show + Conversation

The Fashion and beauty industry is an exciting industry to be associated with, but as much fun as it can be, there are still dark, difficult conversations that still need to be addressed. Representation, inclusion of different races, body types, and lifestyles are not given a platform in advertising or media. Up to recently, we had to work with three different shades of concealer for make-up application! Malia Indigo, the platform that brings fashion people together, recently hosted a runway show and panel featuring women, more specifically, women of color, men from the LGBTQ community in Public relations, Fashion Design, the Body Positivity movement and the media. Have a view of our Vlog for highlights and be the change we need! Create a safe space and talk about it!

Panelists included – Aisha Fairclough (co-founder, Body Confidence Canada), Heidi Ruggier (founder & president, Matte PR), Michele Taras (clothing designer & artist) and Mic Carter (creative director & owner, L’Uomo Strano) with host Refinery29 staff writer Kathleen Newman-Bremang.