Man Bangles: Mangles

Telly’s favorite bassist (Who she’s in love with…), Duran Duran’s John Taylor was a major Mangle wearer in 1985.
In recent years we’ve totally embraced the bangle! Yes, there is a bangle revival. Many stylish ladies, such as Leandra, The Manrepeller, and many young Hollywood starlets have piled on various bangles to compliment an outfit. Us HerCastle Girls can’t get enough of bangles! We had our first bunch when we were little toddlers in the 1980s. They were plastic and glow-in-the-dark neon back then, but this trend never looses it’s luster. In history, Greeks, Egyptians and people of different cultures, wore bracelets for protection and for religious significance, but when glam rock started in the 1970’s men started picking up the trend, influencing women to wear bangles too. Now with an all time high for bangles, we want to take a moment to spot out the Mangles, Men who wear Bangles!
Colin Farrell is never without his mangles! Leather, plastic, chains. Mixture is better. Best thing about Mangles? They don’t go out of style! Colin’s black mangles look verra much like John Taylor’s 1980’s set above.
Johnny Depp is attached to his mangles. He is a collector! He even sports a bracelet that his daughter made for him as a toddler. How cute is that? Now wonder why we love him so.
Usher is also creative with his mangle choices! Beads and rope that match his outfit!
One of the original mangle wearers. Aerosmith‘s Steve Tyler.
By Carcia &Telly
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