MYLES SEXTON: The Elytra ‘Jewel’ Beetle collection

What: Myles Sexton’s latest accessory collection featuring the wings of the Elytra jewel Beetle.

Where: The Spoke Club on King Street East, Toronto

Who: Fabulous Fashion insiders, fans and supporters were out to see the latest designs from the multi-talented Model, Artist, Make-up Artist and innovator!

Thoughts: When we met Myles about 3 years ago, he told us that he hopes to complete the creation of his jewelry line featuring Beetle wings soon. Its so comforting to know that wishes come true and he completed his dream collection. The lovely emerald color from the jewel beetle is a stunner. Originated from Thailand, the wings are a by-product of the food industry. Used in art and decoration, the beetle wing makes for unique jewelry pieces. Add a does of the edgy Sexton brand, and you have wearable, unusual statement jewelry that will turn heads.

Myles Sexton himself opened the show.
Myles Sexton himself opened the show.

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