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Thanks to the IED ModaLab, Italy’s prestigious fashion school in Milan, and Alexander McQueen, we have EYOLA, the British designer who makes the most complex ideas of design seem so easy to wear. Eyola’s career in fashion started off strong, working with Alexander McQueen and Wale Adeyemi.  Inspired by Victorian historical references from nineteenth century fashion, Eyola creates wearable couture that is innovative and modern. She started her line in 2008 at the age of 24 and already, she is taking reign over more fashion projects. We had the opportunity to speak with Eyola about her latest projects, the importance of the online presence in today’s fashion business world, and what she plans on doing next!

Lissof Octave, Eyola coat-dress

Tell us what the inspiration is behind your latest line? We know you created 8 dresses to symbolize Octettes. 
Instead of collections each group of designs is called an Octette. Each Octette can consist of a group of dresses, tailored jackets or whatever we feel inspired to design. The focus is just on designing a small capsule collection each time so that each design is really special. The reason behind referring to our collections as Octettes is because we don’t follow traditional collections but instead have one-off and limited edition designs.
Each Octette is based on the Victorian era’s brilliantly colorful fabrics, opulent designs, sharp tailoring and exclusive nature of clothing coupled with a modern twist.
What is it about clothes that excites you to create it?

Each piece I design is either limited edition (with a maximum production of eight per design) or a one-off. I want women to feel special and to stand out from the crowd. My designs enable women to experience the luxury of a dress or jacket made just for them. So it is like creating something very special for each woman that wears my designs. I want women to feel not only liberated in the way they dress, but also to feel special wearing something that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

As an London based designer with your background (you worked under Alexander McQueen) do you feel pressured to design in a specific way or is it easy for you to find our own voice in design?

Each designer has their own style and vision and like any other career it is vital to get experience from a company that you look up to and respect. This way you can learn from them. That is what I achieved from my time working. It helped me see the inner workings of a fashion label and also helped me to develop my own style and vision.

Xofalap Octave, Eyola silk dress
Eros Octave, Eyola floor length gown
 What kind of woman are you designing for?

I describe my designs as modern heritage because I combine sharp British tailoring and attributes of Victorian fashion with a contemporary, fashion forward approach. So I would have to say I imagine my designs on a strong yet feminine woman who is a fashion leader and who embraces her individual style.

You have another line called Femme De Rose. This line is basically where women can design their own jacket on-line in just four easy steps. Where did this idea come from?

The concept came about when a lot of customers were asking if it would be possible to customize a jacket’s color or length. So for this reason I thought I would create another line that was still based on Eyola’s strong emphasis on tailoring and exclusivity, but allowing women to have more of a say when it came to particular characteristics of the design. A lot of women know exactly what they want but most shops whether high street stores of luxury boutiques rarely give customers this opportunity. So Femme De Rose allows women to take the driving seat and become their own designer in a fun, affordable and simple way.

How do you think the Internet and social media have changed fashion design? Femme De Rose wouldn’t have existed without the Internet. It has allowed niche labels and young labels to have a voice in the marketplace and has also encouraged designers to speak directly to customers and fans. All these positive attributes has resulted in customers having more of a say in what they like, don’t like and making suggestions for future products which has encouraged designers to get closer to their customers and create things based on their preferences.
What more can we expect from you this year with Eyola and Femme De Rose?

More stockists stocking our one-off designs around the world and expanding Femme De Rose’s product line.

www.eyola.com & www.femmederose.com

We visited Femme De Rose online and not only is it easy to customize your own blazer, but it’s FUN! The options you are given make it difficult for you to just design one blazer. One-off designs from Eyola are available in Buckinghamshire, England’s Rebecca Hill’s Boutique. Visit Eyola & Femme De Rose online for info and let them know we sent you!

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