Pre-Show Chat with RACHEL SIN!

After studying Architecture as a profession, Rachel Sin took her designing knowledge and translated it into textile design, creating some of the most distinctive pieces in Canadian women’s wear. Rachel Sin’s creations are not only gorgeous, but functional and original. It is fitting that Rachel Sin will be showing this week at Fashion Arts Toronto (FAT), Toronto’s alternative fashion week. As we come close to her FAT showing April 25th titled, City Scapes 2012, we had a moment to chat with the designer about her inspiration for her latest collection and what we can expect from the brand in the near future.

What does it mean for a designer like yourself to be showing at FAT this year?

It’s great to be able to celebrate fashion creatively in an environment where the possibilities are unlimited.  This means a lot to designers and artists that are breaking out and do not want to be confined by commercially oriented fashion weeks.  With every idea that we approached the FAT team with, we were responded with a “Yes, that’s a great idea, let’s do it!” This year we are excited to be opening Day 2 with singer Cory Lee and her performance of her new single Fashion Show.

The Alicia Dress

With your latest collection, what is the inspiration or theme?

Reminiscent of the fashions from a Pedro Almodovar film creation, this collection is darkly romantic defining today’s modern style – an appealing contradiction of strength and vulnerability. Almodovar’s protagonist,  and favorite actress, a.k.a Penelope Cruz, inspired a mood board with rich materials including textured lace, faux-fur and shimmering sequins. A feminine neutral toned colour palette consisting of camel, charcoal gray and peach nude elevate the contemporary expression of this collection.  This collection is stunning with evening dresses, fall suiting separates, fitted skirts, sequined dinner pants, and a form-fitting blazer accented on the breast with faux-fur.   Cut-outs, sheer lace, and a falling back-line are distinctive of my work. A sophisticated yet sexy design approach are incorporated into many of the pieces.  Almodovar consistently creates female characters who can do it all.  They can be plain or spectacularly glamorous.  They can be needy and possessive or fiercely self-sufficient.

You’ve created such a strong brand with your designs. As an artist, do you ever feel pressured to out-do yourself?

As a Fashion Designer, you are constantly questioning yourself, it’s hard to step back and take a retrospective look at what you’ve accomplished.  As an artist, you are constantly growing and reinventing yourself, the best part is that you have full control, but it is also a very introspective work.  It’s good to be able to take criticism and feedback, to be realistic and be aware of where you stand.

What new lessons have you learned in preparing for this show?

No matter how much of a perfectionist you are, there are some things that are out of your control.   Breathe and take it one day at a time.

Tanya Kim looks stunning wearing the Chloe dress on E-talk

Now that this show is set, what plans do you have for the next few months? You don’t have to spill your secrets…

Pre-fashion show rush, I am just taking it one day at a time!  Post FAT, we will be participating at America’s Next Top Model Live Toronto Shopping event May 4-6 at the Metro Convention Centre.  Also, we’re excited to be hosting a Private Styling and Shopping event, Saturday, May 24th with Roxx Jewels and Sentaler Coats.  This event will take place at Sentaler Showroom at 555 Richmond St and will be an exclusive styling and shopping experience.

photo credit: Joao Bettencourt. Images provided by Rachel Sin

If you’re in Toronto this week, or planning on taking in Rachel Sin’s show, you should check out this afterparty she will be hosting with FAT…

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By Carcia & Telly