Secret Treasures with Swarovski’s FW 13/14 Collection

Held in the prestige downtown hotel The Shangi-la Hotel, overlooking the corporate district, the glamorous jewelry line, Swarovski, previewed their latest designs for the 2013-2014 season. Swarovski was nothing short of amazing! The world renowned label has managed to cover all aspects of accessories for every man and woman. Not everyone wants the huge statement jewels and Swarovski’s got the minimalists covered. For the chunky jewel fans, Swarovski serves up colors, metallics and shiny things. Check out our images from below to see what we mean.

This Vermillon necklace looked verra glamorous against a white silk gown.
We kept walking by these delightful  Swarovski By Shourouk earrings. So chunky! You can wear basic white and black with these beauties.
Great ways to mix and match your finds. This is the Swarovski By Shourouk necklace and cuff.
Purple infused watches.
We think this was one of the most eye-catching displays of the evening. The shimmer here is NOT enhanced. The necklace and cuff go by the name, VERA.
All black everything is an option for the gents.
Another beautiful example of different styles showcased. This is the VERMEIL Cuff.


We were having too much fun Ooo-ing and Ahhh-ing at the prettty gems.
Myself and Telly tried on our favorite pieces from the collection. LOVED the cuffs, rings and clutches, all must haves for this years accessory wardrobe.

Expect to find these beauties closer to September 2013.

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Written By Carcia Campbell

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By Carcia & Telly

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