Sentaler’s Fall/Winer 2012 Collection

It’s hard to think about fall/winter when we’re still pulling out the spring dresses, but you get an itch for fall wear when you see the latest collection by Sentaler. Label designer, Bojana Sentaler traveled the world to locate the most organic, warm, and luxurious textiles to create elegant women’s coats, capes, shawls and her staple Sentaler scarves. Founded in 2009, this collection presents a colorful array of outerwear.

The stand-out factor about the Canadian, Toronto-based label, Sentaler, is its use of the softest forms of alpaca; baby alpaca fabric, which originates from the first shearing of the young alpaca, and suri alpaca. To maintain an ecological approach to fashion, Sentaler practices the eco and animal friendly process of shearing to produce the fabric. Alpaca is five times warmer than wool! Yet lighter in weight. We received Sentaler’s new lookbook and we love what we see! Check out our favorites below!

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

By Carcia & Telly