She’s Got The Look: Emily Haines

She’s a Rockstar and she owns her role. Metric‘s Emily Haines is the pride of Canadian Indie Rock and Pop. Front women of rock bands need to have that certain flare! Front women need to be sexy, sultry, and deep. Emily is all that and more! She plays keyboards and writes the music she sings. Like her music, Emily’s style is very easy and personal for her and her stage presence. She’s great fashion inspiration for those nights out on the town, so we break down her style here! In collaboration with EBAY, we show you how to achieve the Emily Haines Look! Be sure to check it out.

Rock and Roll stars are always ready for the stage, and nothing works on stage better than Black and White. Emily works both equally well.
There are two sides to Emily’s personal style. She is a front woman to a man band, so she can be very masculine with petty coats and jackets in press photos. On stage, Emily is a sexy glam girl, usually showing off her legs in minis and cute shorts.
The powerhouse that is Metric! Classic Band Stance.

 Huge Thanks To EBAY! It was great bringing musical style to FashionNotes.

Written By Carcia Campbell & Chantel ‘Telly’ Campbell

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

By Carcia & Telly

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