Short & Sweet! The Shorter Hair do’

Keira Knightley‘s cut frames her face perfectly.
Its that time of year when you get bored with your hair. Its warming up and the sun is out a bit longer, so you might be thinking of changing up your do’. Lovers of wigs and extensions, us HerCastleGirls change it up quickly and drastically! Its makes life interesting. What we like to do at this time of year is shorten up the length and show a bit more of our face. It could be a Lob, Bob, or crop, but a simple snip-snip can open up new possibilities and fashion ideas! Here are some girls who made the CUT.
Michelle Williams. Loving the longer layers! This allows for more versatility and styling options.
Ginnifer Goodwin‘s face is so pretty! The lighter brown highlights help add texture to her do’
Mary J Blige always looks on point with a shorter do’
January Jones makes us so envious with this Lob. Great for long slender faces, not so great for round, all cheeks faces.
Halle Berry proves you can be sexy and desirable with a short pixie crop!
Kelly Framel,  blogger of The Glamorai makes the “growing out” period look fun!
Karla Deras, blogger of Karla’s Closet carries the crop oh so well!
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ByCarcia & Telly
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