Style Diary: Styling at World MasterCard Fashion Week

Before the storm that is WorldMaster Card Fashion Week.
Before the storm that is World Master Card Fashion Week.

This season Chantel Telly and I assisted The Collections, a fashion production and public relations company with four World Mastercard Fashion Week shows for Fall Winter 2015. It was very stressful, very on the fly, but so much bloody fun. A few weeks prior to the shows, we helped with casting models and dealing with fittings. It was a pleasure working with some of our favorite designers including Mikael D, Triarchy, 3.Paradis, and Helder Diego.


20150325_154305_resized 20150325_154319_resized 20150325_164558_resized 20150325_164610_resized 20150325_164620_resized 20150325_164727_resizedBW 20150325_164851_resized 20150325_165527_resizededit 20150325_170004_resizededitProbably the best time backstage. Everyone was happy and at ease! Great group to work with through the casting, fittings and show.


20150327_102016_resizedOne of the unglamorous sides to styling? Lacing mens dress shoes. Trust me, many ladies (and men) have no idea how to do it. Pre-show prep meant lacing these at home before packing them up for the show the next day.

Mikael D.

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The most challenging show was probably this beautiful majestic showcase, the Mikael D. runway show. A few dresses were literally on JUST in time to make the runway. We packed the dresses at one location and drove them straight to the tents. I included a few images from the sitting process here. Everyone on the team worked hard to get this show looking flawless and we were proud to play such a huge part.

Helder Diego

20150324_151041 20150324_151049 20150324_165752 20150324_170715 20150324_171209 20150324_172529

This show was weeks in the making with fittings and casting taking place early on. Again, a great team to work with and a flawless show. It alos helps that we are Huge fans of the line and the color scheme that Helder Diego used.


Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

Carcia & Telly

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