Style Resolutions for 2015

Resolutions can be scary. Especially when you make promises that take a lot of sacrifice. I’ve made my own resolutions for 2015, including embracing my shape MORE and wearing more outfits that outline my figure, but what sort of Style Resolutions have you made for YOUR New Year? If you are having trouble starting your list here are some tips to get you brain working on How You Can Improve your style for 2015!

Textures for 2015

1. Embrace Texture

When you walk through a boutique, your eyes always find the heavy knit sweats, the silky blouses or the tweed skirts and pants. Without a pattern, textured fabrics that are noticeable by the eye catch attention and make for pleasant winter looks! Take a little break from the solid cotton and allow yourself to experiment with textures.

watch and timepiece

2. Purchase & Wear a nice Timepiece

Many people have lost the luster for Watches because of the Smart Phone era we live in today. I instantly noticed a person’s wrist when I see them wearing a watch and it stirs up conversation. This is the VERY reason why you should either purchase a new watch, or pull out one from the archives and WEAR it. I wear a watch everyday because not only do have have them time, but I have a nice accessory that ties my look together. Who wants to look tardy? Put that watch on and try to wear it everyday for 2015.

skin care 2015

3. Pay attention to the Bare Things

Bare beauty is never out! Ask a makeup artist and they will let you know. For 2015 lets get out skin in gear! Yes, I am a worshipper of concealer, but if worse came to worse and I had to run out of the house, I wouldn’t be in fear like I was 2 years ago when my skin would break out and create dark spots. I took the time to find the right products for my skin, but I did. I began to wash my face often and more efficiently and now I wear less make-up when I could and now my face is reborn. For 2015, join me on this Bare Skin journey.


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4. Clean that Closet!

I know. You promised yourself in late August that you would be de-cluttering your closet and storage space. Days to New Years Eve and your closet is still busting at the seams. Let’s fix this problem. Get a bag and toss everything you did not wear this year. Perhaps the item no longer fits, or the style just isn’t your cup of tea anymore. Remember, Telly and I would be happy to help you with this process for the New Year! Visit our Personal Styling Services page and let’s get you some functionality with your closet and put together some cool outfits too!

Stella and Vik Collage 2


Styled by US! Check out our unique and cost effective Styling options at STELLA + VIK to get your closet in gear!

5. Invest in yourself!

Go to that Yoga Class, get your hair cut professionally, invest in a personal stylist/ image consultant and make yourself shine! A New Year means New Possibilities! If you invest in yourself today and soar in 2015!


By Carcia

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